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Events with Meaning. Travel with Purpose.

We’re committed to making your event as seamless for you as possible. Try us out today.

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Enjoy your stay! Many of our hotel partners offer our customers exclusive amenities.

Experience a radically better way to book hotels for your business. 

At Pluto Trips, we always strive for complete customer satisfaction.  We rely on our industry experience, vendor knowledge and longstanding industry relationships to ensure your travel experience surpasses your expectations.

Why You'll Love It

Make bookings from Anywhere

The booking process is fully optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile. App coming soon.

Rooms Confirmed Immediately
No contracts needed from Pluto

Book your discounted hotel and forget about OTA's. Just sit back and let us do the work.​

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Hotels will Know you Exist

Your rooms are immediately confirmed, once your deposit has been made. No rate increases or sold out situations.

Hotels will get all the info they need for you to check into your room as soon as a booking is made.​


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